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The Hero (Akame ga Kill x Male! Reader) (1/?) :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 12 1
Mature content
RWBY x Male! Sole Survivor! Reader :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 38 19
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~You are forgiven~
The alternative version of the song fic I made. So instead of singing his inner thoughts, what if he does it... Better with his friendly attitude?
Dead! Male Reader x Cheater! Weiss Schnee
Wow... Just wow...
What is wrong with Weiss? Well, she cheated on (Y/n) over for Neptune. But... It seems like the (h/c) teenager has a better idea. He wants to be angry and sad that she is cheating on him, but his emotions and what his heart say otherwise.
So, where did he confront her?
Well... Now.
He fakes a cough and Weiss jumps out of surprised, right after the make out section. "Oh my God! (Y-y/n)! It not what it looks like," Weiss said, fearing that her current boyfriend would hate her, calling her something bad that she'll never forget. But...
"You know you could've said, 'I want to break up with you... But with a reason that I cannot hurt your feelings,'" (Y/n) s
:iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 16 12
Never Ever Tried to Make the Hero Mad
A/n: So, I made an alteranative version of the "Never forget the day the hero died." So, instead of dying, he does something else... LIke something that came stupid out of my mind. So, whatever you read in this short male! Reader Fic, this is better in my head. So, I guess it's a crackfic, but if you don't see it that way, good for you!
The only thing I disclaim is that it's supposed to be nasty and a bit of cursing. I also didn't tell you what his Imperial Arm is, and well... you're going to need to find out on the how it all started and why did he tried to bring peace in hiw own way.
Enjoy... if you can actually get the joke and not eating, cause it's just funny in my head. And there's one reference to that. I'll give you this hint. It's a character in Keroro Gunso and there's a certain frog that can make a technique out of his... *Cough, cough* body part.

Male! Hero! Reader x Akame ga kill

If there's one thing that you should not messed with when it comes to fire. It'
:iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 10 9
Please read this and the description. I'm pissed. by loppyjordan Please read this and the description. I'm pissed. :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 2 1 Sure I am. Not. by loppyjordan Sure I am. Not. :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 0 1 Clearly this asshole doesn't know a good comeback. by loppyjordan Clearly this asshole doesn't know a good comeback. :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 0 2 Why do you care sir? Grow a pair. by loppyjordan Why do you care sir? Grow a pair. :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 0 2 I'm pissed. by loppyjordan I'm pissed. :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 1 0
Mature content
Master of Death (RWBY Fanfiction): Chapter 7 :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 4 8
Mature content
Master of Death (RWBY Fanfiction): 6.5 :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 2 0
Mature content
Master of Death (RWBY Fanfiction): Chapter 6 :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 2 0
Master of Death (RWBY Fanfiction): Chapter 5
A/n: More fun and song you'll see is from Panic! At the Disco. This one keeps on getting on me and I always sing to it. Hope you like.
-5 days after White Fang Operation-
*3rd POV*
Jordan walks silently around the classroom. He lately was trying to process of what just happen. First, Ruby and Yang tried to make cookies for him, then Weiss try to cheer him up with music and lastly Blake tried to cheer him up with books. Jordan's thoughts were interrupted when he sees a music room. He never had seen this room before, so he opens it. The reveals to be with the obvious instruments, but what caught Jordan's eyes was the guitar in the middle of the room. He heads towards it and play a tune. He starts remember a time when he used to play the guitar with his little sister and even remembers a time he plays with his friends when playing with his pals as they do the guitar, bass, or drums. How fun. With that, Jordan sat down, took out his phone, plays the song he played when helping his friends,
:iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 3 2
Master of Death (RWBY fanfiction): Chapter 4
A/n: Just an idea that can into my mind. I'm also going to add a few flashback from here to there, so be aware of that. Sorry if it's short.

Warning: May contain a little sadness
*3rd POV*
'I wonder what happen to that him,' Ruby thought to myself, thinking of Jordan and reason he's in such a bad mood. Jordan has took a day off of all his class and the students thought the teachers won't let that happen... yet... The teachers let him be. They wonder what for though. As if they understand Jordan's uneased problem. Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang headed toward the room, but then, we heard music coming from the room. They hear singing coming from the room. Is Jordan singing? "What's he doing in the room," Ruby asks as opening the door slowly and everyone peers in the room. They cannot all can't believe what they just heard.
Jordan was humming to a song when someone feels sad. Ruby notice something that he is holding in his hand. A picture of a girl that looks like a genderbend versi
:iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 3 0
Mature content
Master of Death (RWBY Fanfiction): Chapter 3 :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 5 0


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A/n: So, I went ahead and made the Origin Arc for my one chapter, because I wanted to and someone wanted to know if there's going to be more of these. I can guess a few people wanted to see who was alive and who was dead, mainly between Night Raid and Jaegers. To those who are new about this, after these chapters are ended, please look at the sad chapter, "Never forgetting the day the hero died" to understand why I made this. And for a bonus after the end of this series, I will be also making a true ending to this series.

As for the Teigu/Imperial Arm, I've been thinking about what to use, and I think I got the right weapon. The weapon and the abilities the character used in this series is heavily base on an app game, Brave Frontier. It's a very good game and I recommend to play on the app store, both Apple, and Android.

This is the where the hero of the story has begun to fight for what's right and how he obtained his Imperial Arm.

*3rd POV*

"Why are we going to this dumb thing, Dad?"

"Because! The rumors have to be true! I want to see if I can get this sword before we know who it is! I might even let you try!"

"Sigh. Whatever. Let's just get this over with."

The teenage (H/c) haired boy was in line with his dad, looking at all of the people from the city and from other parts of the world, going to this rumor. There was a rumor spreading around that there was a sword stabbed in a huge rock. A bunch of people was trying to get the sword, but it can't as it stays where it was. Even the strongest can't even the sword, so the capital hold auditions to see who can wield the mighty sword, from what they said. Some say this weapon is the first Teigu out of all of the all 48 of the advanced weapons, maybe higher than it looks and the most powerful.

After awhile when the lines started to move, it was his dad's turn. The boy watches as his dad go and try to pull the sword from the ground, but had a hard time. The dad sighed in defeat as he started to walk away. It was the boy's turn as he started to walk over towards the sword.

He started to feel a bit nervous and he thinks he might be going crazy, but he could have sworn that he heard a voice.

On cue, an High-leveled Danger Beast showed itself in this little competition as it was started to kill off the people and the guards.

People screamed and started to run off to the capital and Soldiers went to try and kill off the Danger Beast, but it didn't work out as well.

While everything was going down, the boy watches in horror, standing there. He watches everyone either running or getting killed by the monster. He hated this... He wants to kill... kill the monster... protect everyone...


The boy looks over and saw his dad get wounded by the beast from getting knocked back and hitting a rock. "Dad," The boy said, before looking at the monster and then at the sword.

His breathing started to go rapidly as he slowly put his right hand on the sword. Some people stopped and look over at the boy, screaming for him to run and ignore the sword, but he didn't hear anyone. Only one voice is heard from the boy.

"Go on..." the voice has said, "You can do it... I give this sword to you... The Radiant Sword..."

The boy took deep breaths as he looks to the High-Level Danger Beast. The sword started to glow, getting the Danger Beast's attention. It roars and started to charge at the boy. It raised its claw and swung down at the boy, but it was too late.

The boy pulled out the sword as it began to shine bright and send a powerful force onto the Danger Beast, knocking it back.

Those who watched cover their eyes from the bright light. The capital, the revolution army, and the Danger Beast can see this bright light, even from afar away.

The light began to fade out as the people and the soldiers looked over to see a shocking and surprising appearance of the young boy.

His clothes have changed into what appeared to be a knight-like look or more like a hero-king look to be in fact. The sword appears to be longer than the boy, but the sword was light for him.

The Danger Beast got backed up and roars again. "Pick your fallen hero to use..." The voice said. The boy closes his eyes as his hair started to change into red. "Alright... I know who to pick," The boy said, not knowing what he means as he raises his free hand up in the air and fire spurt from his hand as his eyes open to reveal red eyes, "I summon the knight of fire... the one I wanted to meet before his death... Ignis Halcyon Vargas!" He tosses the flame up in the air as it started to form into a knight with a mix of red and yellow hair, a huge flaming sword with chains around it and wings, flame surrounding the knight.

Everyone around their watches in shock, witnessing the boy's powers.

"Let's do this," The boy said, jumping off the rock and charging at the beast with Vargas follows behind him. The Danger Beast charges also and swings its claws at the boy, but the boy dodges it smoothly and ran up the beast's arm and started to slash at the arm. Vargas has blocked the attack and slashes at the beast's other arm. The Danger Beast roars loudly as it was getting slashed at by the young boy and the flaming knight.

The crowd watches in shocked as what they're witnessing. The flaming knight hits the beast upwards and disappears as the boy lands softly on the ground. "This is the power of the Radiant Sword," He said as the beast fall down, "Eneoscalibur!" As soon the beast fell down, the young boy has attacked the beast with a 14 combo attack on him, ending the last hit with the beast's head cut off.

The boy lands again to the ground and looks at the beast, seeing all of the blood from the beast as his breathing began to feel rapid once more. His appearance started to change into his normal look and his hair and eyes changed back to their original color. He started to feel dizzy before dropping his sword and fell down, unconscious on the fight.

His dad rushed towards him to see that his son was ok, despite his wound. The boy's dad sighs happily, knowing his son is safe and not hurt. The soldier went to aid for the father and the son, taking back to the capital, seeing an audience with someone who was interested in him.

Unknown to anyone looking, two girls were looking over at the boy, though they are both in different positions from what they witness. "No way..." said a girl with red eyes, "He... he killed the Danger Beast with no problems..." "Why him out of all of these people," said a girl with black eyes.

Then, they both said, "Is he really going to help end this painful war? Please... (Y/n)... be safe until I can get to you...."

*(Y/n)'s POV*

I slowly started to feel like my conscious is getting back as I slowly open my eyes. I noticed that I wasn't at home... I was inside the medical bay. I looked around my side, seeing the sword by the side of my bed. I still remember the voice and it said about the sword to the part where I can summon my favorite knight. How did I do that?

"You're awake," I heard my dad said as I looked over at him. "Dad," I said, rushing over to him and give him a hug as he hugs back at me, "Thank God you're safe!"

He chuckles at that and patted my head. "I'm glad you're okay," He said, "I never knew you can move like that either." "I don't know how either," I said, "But... It feels great to get that beast killed."

"I know. You must of help maybe thousands of people at the sight, but I would love to praise for your heroism, but I think someone wants to talk to you."

I looked at him, confused at who wanted to see me. On cue, the door opens, revealing two soldiers and a tall blue haired woman. "Here he is, ma'am," One of the soldiers said, "This is the boy who helps out defeating the beast."

"Thank you, men," She said, "You can leave us. I will call you when I'm done." The two soldiers nodded at their order as they left, closing the door behind the woman. "You must be the boy they told me about," She said, looking at my appearance, "My name is Esdeath, General of the Empire. May I asked who are you?"

I was a bit nervous when she mentioned her rankings, but I did introduce myself. "My name is (Y/n)," I said, being a gentleman and learning my manners. "It's nice to meet you, (Y/n)," Esdeath said as I give a nod a little bit, still nervous about her, "Can you explain to me what happen at that place the people were talking about? The place where you got that sword right out of the rock?"

"Um... I was with my dad here and he was wondering about the sword. I didn't really want to be alone at my home, so I followed him. As he failed to get the sword and I was about to touch the sword, the Danger Beast came and attack the people. I watched as I didn't know what to do until my dad got wounded. I risked it and grabbed the sword and pulled it out with no problem... I attack the beast with no problem and I don't remember the rest," I explained to her, looking at her as she understands the situation.

"I see," She said, "As for your Teigu, it seems like the weapons like you more than anyone. You are a lucky, (Y/n). Not only you took out the sword and fought the Danger Beast, you have earned a reputation from the people. Not only that, you have interested me. I want to see you grow. I would like to train you in swordsmanship. In return, I will form a group that you can lead with people unique like you. Not only that, I will be sending money to your people and help your dad back home under my orders and will have guards to look over your village. What will you do?"

I took a few moments of silence as I looked at my Dad. He smiles, knowing that I can do it like I can change the fate that might happen to this world. He gave a nod as I smiled and looks at Esdeath.

"I accept."

*time skip*

A few months has passed by as I was learning both my weapon and powers. I learn the swordsmanship from Esdeath whenever I train with her, but she doesn't know is about the power I had in me. Sword or not, I found out that I can summon mock version of fallen heroes, villains, and Danger Beast. My guess is that after I touched the sword, the sword gave me the abilities to summon these units, and summoning my sword anytime. I have learned that my limit for this summons is six, and I can use only up to six elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Darkness. I might need to be careful with myself as well as I have limitations as I trained. I know the Radiant Sword doesn't need a name, but I gave it one as I feel like it needs a name, since I started to learn that the Teigu has named... from what I heard. I called it "The power of Courage: Ark". I feel great about naming the Radiant Sword. It gave me the courage I need to defeat the beast and I had the courage to train myself and fight people with no problem so far.

I was grateful that Esdeath has trained me in swordsmanship as well as a few other with a sword mastery. However, I wasn't safe within the Empire, I know about this from the start and I was still unsure, but I did know one thing and one thing only. It all started from the Prime Minister. I was suspicious about him from the start, but I can't just go over there and just try to kill him. I need to bid my time. One wrong step and it's off with my head. I need evidence or something that can make the Prime Minster get his head cut off. I want peace from the two armies. I want to stop the corruption of this world, but through my way.

That's when I did get my chance. I was ordered by Esdeath to patrol some parts outside of the capital that might be in "danger" and I accept it. If there's one thing I can do, I can go missing in action. Though it may be hard since I have a group that will join me, not the one Esdeath has made me into a leader yet. I'm sorry, Esdeath, but I have to do this. We will meet again, but I hope it's not on a battlefield.

*Meanwhile, 3rd POV*

In a base of the Night Raid, they gathered information about a certain (h/c) haired teen. "The boy's name is (Y/n), someone in training," Najenda said, taking a puff from her cigar, "What we know is that he isn't Esdeath's person guard or anyone else with the empire." "So, what are we supposed to," Lubbock asked his boss, "Do we kill him or..." "I want to bring him to the Night Raid," Akame said, looking at her boss. "Wait. Why do you want to bring this guy in if he's the enemy," Tatsumi asked Akame, wondering about it. "He's a childhood friend of mine," she said to Tatsumi, before looking at Najenda, "I saw him fight that High-Level Beast with no problems at all. He's the reason why I want to see him. He's my friend and I don't want him to turn into them."

It was dead silent for a few minutes. They never knew Akame has a friend like that. After a few more minutes, Najenda started to speak again. "Very well," she said as she looks at who should go and get (Y/n). "Tatsumi, Mine, you shall go with Akame on this mission. He might be with some soldiers, so take them out and keep (Y/n) alive."

The three nodded as they head out to capture (Y/n. While they did so, Akame was starting to think about her childhood friend and crush. She smiles at that as she looks up in the sky.

"I know you'll be fine, (Y/n)," Akame said to herself, "Please don't fight as much... I really want to talk with you after all of these years..."

*back to (Y/n)'s POV*

I was on patrol with the soldiers as we patrol one part of the village outside of the capital. Most of them were corrupt, but there was one soldier who is innocent, like these only fight bandits from what I heard. We all scattered around to check if there was a disturbance in the village. I was with the guy who killed bandits. We looked around and saw nothing going on in the village, so we headed back to where we came from, knowing the other soldiers will come back to that spot.

But, that's when we heard shots were fired and soldiers screaming. We rushed over to see what's going on. We were shocked at what we have witnessed.

Well... more like the guy was shocked and I was just impressed on how fast the corrupt soldiers were killed.

I sensed a bullet heading towards the guy's head as I took out my Teigu and put the sword in front of him, deflecting the bullet. He jumped at that as I looked at him. "You go on and get reinforcement, buddy," I commanded him, "Whoever they are, I'll kill them myself." He nods as he ran as fast he can. "Whoever you are... better show yourself," I said, looking around at the village, getting in position. It better be some group from the other side. Please be them.

I looked around and noticed a boy with brown hair with a sword. Between him was two girls, one with long pink hair with a gun on her, but the other girl looked oddly familiar. She has long black hair and red eyes with a katana. From what I can tell, they're from Night Raid, judging the two girls by their weapons.

"So... you must be Night Raid," I said, getting in a fighting position, "Either I'm getting captured and get interrogated, or I'm dead by someone, which I don't know who from." "Either or, you'll have to see it for yourself," The boy said, all three of them getting in position.

"Seems understandable," I said with a smile, "Bring it on."

The boy went to attack me with his sword, though I either blocked it or dodge it. Swing after swing after more swings, I was getting a bit bored, but I like the potential in him. Seems like a good person at heart. I deflected his attack, grabs his collar and throw him towards the ground. He was shocked at that, but I sensed a bullet again and defended myself with using Vargas cutting the bullet before he disappears quickly like I did slash at it.

"Guns won't do good, you tiny shrimp," I said, looking at the girl who just fails to shoot at me. She was pissed as she started to shoot at me again. I dodge most of the bullets and deflected one, though I will give her credit as she did knock my sword out of my hand. "Hah, gotcha," She said, pointing her gun at me. I did raise my hands in defeat, but somehow and for no reason, I should even think about it, the sword came back to me and back into my hand.

Well, that's a start from the radiant sword, and I'm impressed on how it just came back to me like I was some kind of telekinesis, sword-wielding knight.

"Oh, come on," Pinky shouted as the black-haired girl came rushing at me with her weapon as I ready myself again. She was fast with her weapon than the boy's attack, but I was glad I had enough training to block attacks so fast, but it won't be enough to block more.

Though I do see something every time she attacks me. Bits of flashbacks started to hit me like I know her. My heart started to flutter every time I look into her eyes.

After a few clashes with the sword on sword, we both push away from each other. I panted heavily as she looks like she didn't care. Looks like I need to train more if I ever get out of here alive.

I started to charge at her as she was getting ready, but I tripped on something. I tried to get up from safety, but after my last step, I launch myself into the red-eyed girl, slamming my body into her, though I did put my hand in front of me in case I did something stupid. I braced for impact, closing my eyes of not thinking of something stupid.

And, now I regret that I did not think about what happened.

I landed on her, but luckily my whole body didn't even touch her... except one part. I open my eyes as I looked into her red eyes as I felt something soft on my lips.

Oh god... 


I started to blush at that before I pulled away. "I-I-I-I-I didn't mean to do that! I swear," I stuttered, looking at the red-eyed girl, who was blushing at the kiss as well.

"Well, he's tough and smooth than I thought," the boy said, catching his breath. "Yeah, and thanks to that mishap, we won't be trying to knock him out," Pinky said.

"My first kiss," Red eyes says, "... I got it." "Eh..." I said, confused, "What are you talking about?" "We're here to get you from the empire and join with us," Tatsumi, "But then this happens. You just kissed Akame."


Where have I...







I started to blush deeper at the mention of her name. "Oh my god...! No wonder why you felt familiar," I said, looking away from embarrassment, but started to see a puzzle as my blush fade just a little bit, "Oh, you wanted me to join you guys, right? Well, I'll think about it. Just let me..."

I grabbed a piece of my clothing before tearing it up and stabbing it in the ground from one of the dead soldier's weapon. "That should do it and convinced them that I was M.I.A," I said, before putting my sword away from looking at the three, "So... where to?" "Well, we'll show the way," the boy said, "We can ask you some questions once we get back to out base." I nodded and started to follow them. While walking, I felt my hand being held, I look over to see Akame holding my hand with her hand, still blushing. I smiled a little bit and look up at the night sky.

Well... at least this has gone off to a good start with a reunion... maybe...

The Hero (Akame ga Kill x Male! Reader) (1/?)
It looks like another series is going to be good. I hope you like this one! :D

I don't own the following characters/weapons/etc:

Akame Ga Kill
Brave Frontier
You (Obvisouly)


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