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A/n: This one, kind of got to my head when thinking of guns, explosions, attacking things close range and, all of the jokes I can do in thins one. This is a good crossover to try, since the Sole Survivor (Or whoever you called yourself) is basically like a tank with legs or something like that. Enjoy this while it last.

Storyline: You're the eldest child of Nora, around 16-17 (probably enough to fit in combat armor and Power Armor). You were in the war, taking place for your mother since you knew there's no turning back and she was pregnant with your little brother. During there, you were the only one out of soldiers that fight with no help. Taking a various amount of weapons and close combat training, you were a unkillable soldier, and it showed greatly, but there was a scar on your left eye. With your vast knowledge from a bunch of soldiers and engineers, you made a bunch of defenses for bases and checkpoints and even build weapons from the back of your head without any help. That, is where you customized your own weapon called, the Silver Rose, a customized .44 magnum that looks more of a magnum with a long barrel with a Assaultron Blade attached under the long barrel and a reflex sight. When the bombs fell and getting out of Vault 111, you basically went to find your little brother with the help of some people that you got help with. You eventually found your brother, who turn out to be older (or looked like) than you and a leader of a evil group of scientists that convert these humanoids called, Synths.

Now aside from that, you currently find out something that never were supposed to happen and wish you never been there.

Disclaimer: Language, game logic and violence. and no inserts, except for hair, eyes and first name.

*3rd POV*

The teenage male is currently heading back to his home after doing a quest for the minuteman, another settlement that needs his help, again. He wasn't annoyed by this and love to help, but he was annoyed on how these settlers don't know how to fight. He even have to bring his X-01 MK VI to get the job done. “Master (Y/n)," Codsworth, a Mr. Handy and your trusted butler, said, "It seemed your rather annoyed by something. Do you need to take a break?"

"I'll be fine, Codsworth," The Sole Survivor said, "I'm just hoping something new would happen. We already been enough trouble already. We encounter a bunch of robots and stopped the mechanist (Automatron DLC), help out a bunch of fisherman, a group of synths, and a crazy cult to bring peace to that island, not to mentioned helping the Nakano's 'kidnapped' daughter (Far Habor DLC), and lastly, creating a Vault that can help out to the new world. I feel like I gotten used to this world too many times, yet... I'm suddenly start to think that there's have to be more." "I'm sure that there's something going up, Master (Y/n)," Codsworth said, putting his pincher on (Y/n)'s shoulder, "I just hope it doesn't involve with aliens from this world." "Geez. Don't get me started with that," (Y/n) said, shivering, "It was either kill the dude with the weird treasure or betray them."

The conversation was stopped when something crashed in front of them. (Y/n) thought it was a grenade, so he hit the deck. He waited for a few seconds and gets up and takes out his rifle and aims towards the debris. He saw a little device, that wasn't even from this world, and with a curious expression, he walks towards it and picks it up. It looks like it can fit into his Pip-Boy and puts it in the slot where it was in. "Master (Y/n)," Codsworth said, going towards him, "I don't think it's a good idea to put it in your Pip-Boy." "Ah, what the worse can happen, it's not like we're going to get teleported to another," The teenager said, looking at it and send something about fast traveling to Remnant, "Remnant? What's that?" With a click of a button the teen and the robot were teleported to the place.

*Time skipped to an unknown time/(Y/n)'s POV*

I groaned and started to feel my vision come back to me. I immediately, get up and look around, seeing that Codsworth doing the same thing. This is weird for me. All of the things I know of, where's the destruction of Boston after the bombs? Where's the awful smell? That's when I look up to the sky, and was in shocked that the moon was shattered. "What the fuck," I said in a confusing tone, taking my helmet off to see if I was looking wrong, "Looks like we're traveled somewhere, Codsworth."

"I knew it was a bad thing, but now I don't even know if it's good or bad," Codsworth said, "I guess we can say for now that we must learn if we travel to another world or we went back in time." I nodded and we both walk around the streets, looking around. I put on my helmet back on and knew that I would be transported to another world or some time travel to some place. This is fucking crazy and now I want to go back to Sanctuary. Something caught my eye and I look over to a shop. I walked towards it and open the door. I saw the shopkeeper looking at me and saw what I looked, either impressed or scared at what I look like in this Power Armor.

I ignored him and inspect around the store.  Several glass tubes line the right and left walls, each one filled with a differently-colored substance. A few shelves are set behind the main counter, holding boxes, packets and containers probably related to the stuff in the tubes. One thing I noticed is these crystals in all shape and color.

"Interesting..." I said to myself, "These look like some kind of source of something like that." Codsworth looked around the shop like before as I left him be for the time being at this moment and kept on looking around. The faint sound of rock music draw my attention and look over to see a girl under a red hood. I best not to invade her privacy, so I just picked a magazine and move to a different part of the isle and look at the cover. "Weaponry," I said softly, looking at the title, "My kind of mags." I open it and look through it. There were tons of weapons going on in this magazine. Swords turning to guns, Lances with a gun attachment, A huge sword that shot out lighting bolts, this is my kind of tea.

My little fantasy was interrupted by the sound of the shop door opening, I looked over to see a bunch of men in a black outfit and one man in a white outfit. It... It was a robbery taking place. Huh... first robbery I'm witnessing in this world. Huh...

I just go back to the magazine and faked read it, waiting for the right moment to attack. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a dust shop open this late?” Asks one of the one in white. “Please, just take my lien and leave," The shop keeper pleaded. Lien, huh? If it means money... Yay. I can finally use that instead of bottle caps for now. God knows what happens if I spend something with bottle caps.
"Calm down, we're not here for your money," The guy said, and then looks at his lackeys, "Grab the dust." I look over to see the robbers filled up canisters from the tubes on the walls and stealing the crystals. I looked over to see Codsworth looking at me and the robbers. I signaled him to act like the Mr. Handy we seen throughout the commonwealth and he does so, acting like one. "What the hell," I heard one of the robbery said, looking towards where I'm at, "What is that?" I moved a bit out of his sight as he goes towards me.

"Hey, you," he said, going toward where I left, "Come back here!" I stayed in one place and waited for him to come over to me. Once he saw me, I rushed towards him and give him one hard punch at him, knocking him out the door. I looked over to see the girl was in trouble, and then she boot the guy out the window. "Strong... I like her already," I thought to myself.

The robbers were focused on her as one draws his gun at her, in which that she kicks him out the window and broke the glass, oddly seeing rose petals behind her. "Stay here, Codsworth," I commanded as I walked over to where the whole situation is going on. The girl, her scythe resting on her shoulder, turns to look at the thieves with a fierce expression on her face. She effortlessly twirls the weapon and stabs the blade into the pavement, ripping it up. Her cloak flutters behind her in a wind that wasn’t previously there. She then promptly turns off the music blaring on her headphones.

"... Wow..." I said, "How is that possible?" "Okay... Get her," The leader said as the rest went to attack her. While the rest with their close range weapons tried to attack the girl I rushed towards one of the ranged people and punched them hard in the face. Some gunners aimed towards their guns at me, but suddenly stops when I activated the Red lights coming from Power Helmet. I smiled under that mask and just simply said... well...

"All Aboard," I said, rushing towards them with one of the weapons I still had on me and a few in Codsworth. What I'm wielding right now is an super sledge as I rushed towards one of them and swung them to a nearby building. Most of the goons were scared and scattered off to the dark. I smirked at this and put the Super Sledge on my Shoulder. "And that's another homerun for me," I said proudly, looking at the leader as I noticed little red was beside me.

"Well, Red... er... Knight," He addresses to the girl and I, "I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening." He stubs the cigar with the end of his cane, then points it at the two of us. "And as much as I'd like to stick around, I'm afraid this is where we part ways." He shot out a bright red projectile out of the foot of the cane. Little red jump away for safety, but I just stand there, knowing that one of my perks will help me. As it was it connects to me...

*... tink.*

It bounced back at me and hit the wall, blowing it up. "Pfft... Logic... it doesn't make sense at times," I said, looking at the wall before looking back at the leader who was scaling a ladder on a nearby building. I turn to the scythe-wielding female. "Let's get this prick," I shouted to her as I rush to the building and used the Jetpack on the Power Armor and flew upwards, and then I see the girl propelling herself with her scythe. I landed to see the man has his back turn to us. "Hey," The girl shouted as an aircraft rises into view. The wind hit the Power Armor, but failed badly since it was heavier than a Death Claw. "End of the line, you two," He declares, tossing a crystal towards the girl and I. I noticed that he shot a projectile directly towards the crystal. I rushed towards her and cover with my form, waiting for the explosion. Nothing has happened.

I look over to see a blonde woman in a purple cape with a purple shield in front of her. The shield disappears and she pushes up her classes before summoning a bunch of orbs and flies into the aircraft and nearly causing it to plummet from the air. The woman glows purple for a moment and aims another blast above the craft, resulting in a dark storm-cloud right over the jet. With a flick of her wand, large jagged hail starts falling that pummels the jet and even breaks through the window, narrowly missing Roman's head.

And then another woman was revealed in the aircraft as reaches the back and her arms and chest light up like fire, aiming a burst of energy at the woman. The Huntress blocks it, but the flame splatters behind her and glows hot with the enemy's raised hand. She back-flips out of the explosion, which destroys part of the roof, and magically gathers the shards to create a large arrow, which she throws at the craft. The fiery woman shatters the arrow with several blasts, but it reforms just in time to hit the side of the jet due to the quick aerial lean. The wreckage separates and reshapes into more arrows that encircle the jet, but the woman summons several glowing rings around herself that expand and destroy the shards.

I went to assist as I switched from the super sledge to the Spray n Pray, a .45 Submachine gun with explosive rounds with suppressor, and shot towards the woman in red, but it fails as she effortlessly blocks it and creates blazing circles around the three of us I jumped out of the way from the explosion and look over to see just in time for the hatch of the airship closed and escape in the night sky.

"Damn..." I said in an annoyed tone and reload the gun and put it way. I turn to the woman and the girl as she looks up at the woman. "You're a huntress..." She said quietly at first, then quickly turns excited, "Can I have your Autograph?!"

I face palm at this, knowing tat it was dumb. Ugh... what a day.

After a short while, I was in the interrogation room with Codsworth and the girl. I was still in my Power Armor and they didn't care about it... I guess? "I hope you realize your actions tonight will not be taken lightly, you two. You put yourselves and others in great danger,” The woman says, sounding like my drill sergeant in boot camp. "They started it," The girl protested as I just look at the two back and forth. "Ditto," I said, "What do you want us to do? Let them rob us... or even kill us?"

"If I were up to me, you'd be sent home, with a pat on the back..." She said as the girl's eyes lit up this, "And a slap on the wrist!" The woman slams the end of her riding crop on the table as an example, making the girl jump out of fright as I... Well... I endured that. I wasn't even sitting down on a chair, I was just standing up. "“But,” the woman pauses, sounding doubtful. “There is someone here who would like to meet you.”

Then, a man with grey hair and small glasses enter the room, holding a cup of coffee and a plate of cookies. He looks at Codsworth in a impressed way and then focuses on the girl. “Ruby Rose,” he says, addressing the girl next to me, “You… have silver eyes.” Ruby Rose? Huh... sounds like a legit name. "So… where did you learn to do this?” The grey-haired man inquires, referring to the footage playing of the battle from earlier.

"S-Signal Academy..." She says a bit hesitantly. "They taught you to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed" He asked her in disbelief. "Well, one teacher in particular," She admits to the man, losing all of the hesitance. "I see," He said, setting the plate down of cookies on the table.

I watched as Ruby shoving cookies into her mouth and devours it quickly. 'Yeeesh,' I thought, 'A quick eater. And I thought I was eating fast.' “It’s just that I’ve only seen one over scythe-wielder of that skill before.” The man continues, looking up in reminiscence. “Dusty old Qrow.” Ruby tries to same something, but she quickly swallows, and repeats what she had to say. "Sorry. That's my Uncle Qrow," She said, "He's a teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing, but now I'm all like..." She starts making some cliché moves and making the appropriate noises. I chuckled at this and it was kind of cute. “So I’ve noticed,” The man sets down his coffee mug. “And what is an adorable girl such as yourself doing at a school designed to train warriors?”

"Well, I want to be a Huntress."

"You want to slay monsters?"

"Yeah! I only have two more years left of training at Signal, and then I’m going to apply to Beacon.” Ruby explains, getting more excited, “You see, my sister’s starting there this year, and she’s trying to become a Huntress and I’m trying to become a Huntress ‘cause I wanna help people! My parents always taught us to help others, so I thought ‘oh, I may as well make a career out of it.’ Heh-heh, I mean the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic, exciting and cool! You know?!”
I chuckle more at this, seeing this as if it was a dream, but I stopped when I realized that it wasn't and I didn't even know of this world. "Do you know who I am," The man asked her. "You're Professor Ozpin. You're the headmaster at Beacon," Ruby answers him. Ozpin? Hehe... Wizard Of Oz.

"Hello," Ozpin greets the girl as if he just was about to meet her now. "Nice to meet you," Ruby greets back at Ozpin.  "You want to come to my school," Ozpin asks her, leaning slightly forward. "More than anything," Ruby replies, filled that she was determined that she can do this. Ozpin looks at the woman, who looks away with a huff, and then Ozpin looks back at Ruby. "Well, okay," He said, as Ruby's face lit up appropriately, having to move academy to academy. And now, they all looked at me... and Codsworth.

"And, then there was you, sir," Ozpin said, "If you can, can you please remove that armor on you? I want to know your face, before we can move on.

Well, this is it... Time to reveal myself. And if I can get in jail, I blame the power armor.

*3rd POV*

The power armor was turned off as the back of it started to open and the teenager gets off his armor, revealing his features. His hair was (H/l) (H/c) hair with (E/c) eyes with a scar across his left eye. His outfit consists of Marine Armor, an Advanced model of the Combat Armor that utilized by the US Marines. He holds the helmet to his right side and on the left shows his Pip-Boy.

Ruby has look up and down at the boy's appearance and blushed a little bit, unnoticed by anyone, not even Codsworth. "Is this better, sir," The teen said. "It does," Ozpin said, "I've been searching for any records of you, but there was no records. No academy records, criminal records, not even a birth certificate was not shown. It's like you're blending in the shadows. Would you mind enlightening me about yourself."

"I'm not surprised if there was any info on me," (Y/n) said, pausing a bit before looking at Codsworth and back to Ozpin,"Truth be told, Codsworth and I aren't from here." "You mean like from another kingdom, then," Ozpin asked the two. "Sadly, we're not from a kingdom," Codsworth explains, "You see... well... since my master is a bit secretive about this, so I'll spill the beans just with this group. We're from a world called, Earth, we lived in the commonwealth in America, but something has happened there." "What happened there," Glynda asked the robot butler, and then (Y/n) shivers a bit and he spilled it. "We're in a world war and there were bombs... My mother, my little brother and I had to escaped from the bombs and headed to a vault called, Vault 111," (Y/n) said, getting real focused attention from the three people, "I didn't spend a long time in there as I was frozen in there." "Wait, you said you were frozen," Ruby asked, "What did they do? Put you in a fridge or something? And, are you saying this after the war?"

"Yes, sadly," (Y/n) said, "A teenage male out of time, you can say. Look, as I love I want to explain more, can we just move to the next question?" "Certainly," Ozpin said, "Despite the records of combat training, you have indeed to held your own fights quite well. Though it can't be explained, but your vast amount of weapons are effective." "It works out so far this world, but in my world, it was useful to kill anything in there," I said, "I'm not always alone, too. That's why Codsworth is here with me."

Ozpin looks at the Mr. Handy and back at the Sole Survivor. "Yes, you did mentioned his name earlier. I never seen this kind of technology throughout my life. Might I ask what he is?" "Certainly," The teen said, "This is a series of robots named, Mister Handy. The name is ironic, because of large number of hands. They were made by General Atomics International. Their voices are excellent and their voices can be from a English accent to a American drill sergeant (though I prefer Codsworth's voice, since he's more polite most of times). They can defend themselves with a buzz saw, a flamethrower, and a laser barrel."

"As I lived to see the day, I spend my time with my master when they bought me, but they ran away from the bombs and I waited for them for 200 years," Codsworth jumps in, "I'm not as good as Mister Gutsy, when mentioning the American drill sergeant, but over a few month, he did upgrade my armor a bit better and gave me a few toys, as he would call it, to make my combat experience more better."

"Amazing," Ozpin said, "Not only through combat, but also you can build stuff." "Eh... it's what I felt I'm great at since I was a kid and not frozen," (Y/n) said, "I can tell you that I went to the army at 17, because they need help with a war in the past in which I took my turn. After a few months, I was back to my home at the rank as Lance Corporal." Ozpin was surprised at this, a teen ranked to that much of a rank.

"Amazing..." Ozpin said, "Might I ask what is your name, soldier?" "(Y/n), (Y/n) Rowe. It's nice to meet you," (Y/n) said in a gentleman's tone with a smile. "It's nice to meet you too, Mr. Rowe, "Ozpin said, "I have a feeling that you have lots of potential and could make it as a Huntsman, with the right guidance. I'd like to extend an invitation to attend to my Academy. What do you think?"

"Hm... you are putting a of faith in someone you just met," (Y/n) said. "I have my doubts," Ozpin said. "Master (Y/n)," Codsworth said, "This might work out. We can learn this world better and you can get your education more better here... and I can tend to the garden and help out in the academy!" (Y/n) chuckles at this and thought about it for a moment. "Alright then, professor," (Y/n) said with a nod, "You got yourself a soldier to your academy. "That's good," Ozpin said, returning the gesture.

'Hm... It's only been a few hours to this world and you've already turning in you combat experience into something more you want to. In an academy... filled with fighters... Well this is going to be interesting. At least I won't be called blue like Piper would be. But... should I spill more of the beans again? More than I'm an experienced soldier... I'm... I'm a General to the Minuteman?" The Sole survivor thinks about it, before he had to leave, since it was done and walked around the streets for the rest of the night, waiting for the day to come.
I made a thing. Yay! I was thinking so hard about what's the next crossover I should make. Then, Fallout popped to my mind, so I made another crossover filled with dumb ideas. I hope you enjoy this first part of the story... and Next time on the next chapter... will there be a ladies' man or just another huntman?
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